Booking Engine, E-ticketing and Complex Itineraries

Finding a flight is a breeze with Revelex air solutions. Agents and customers can search flights and compare itineraries and rates across all the major distribution systems. For agents, our dynamic management tool can be used to mark-up private fares or apply any discounts or vendor coupons. The flight booking engine allows for complex routing rules giving you control over search criteria, results and so much more.

  • Convenient e-ticketing feature
  • Simplify complex flight itineraries
  • Real time interface with weather services and airport information systems

Other Capabilities

  • Flight Availability

    Search flights across multiple databases, users can sort the results to fit their travel needs

  • Display Flight Details

    Display vital traveler information such as flight duration, stop-over times, and meals

  • City/Airport Code Conversion

    Automatically spell check manual entries and convert into airport codes to ensure the correct flight

  • Special Fares

    Access to your special and negotiated fares

  • E-Ticketing

    Offer customers the option of e-ticketing in your air booking engine

  • Complex Itineraries

    Find point-to-point flights or booking plans with flights sourced from multiple locations