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Campana Systems, Inc

Revelex Partners with Campana System's Axis Division to give AAA Auto Club World-Class Interface Solutions

  • Company Solutions

    Campana Systems Inc. was founded in 1988 and is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Campana Systems Inc. is an international leader in information solutions for the auto club and health care industries. AXIS, a division of Campana, has been a trusted partner of AAA/CAA auto clubs for over 20 years. The AXIS suite of products consists of Member Relationship Management, Travel, Point-of-Sale, Emergency Road Service, and Membership and Financial toolkits.

    Business Needs

    AAA Ohio Auto Club interface between AXIS Travel (TPOS) and Travelport Cruise TM to perform regular booking tasks. AAA Ohio Auto Club relied on booking interfaces for planning and booking their customer’s travel activities. For agents every minute is valuable time that should be used finalizing bookings. However, the company noticed that multiple interfaces contributed to double-keying and data-entry errors. In order to streamline the booking process, the club needed functionality that would support single sign-on to Travelport Cruise TM as well as real time booking hand offs.

  • The Solution

    Revelex partnered with Campana Systems to create a direct interface between AXIS Travel (TPOS) and Travelport Cruise TM in order to provide seamless exchange of information that significantly reduced the steps required to complete a booking. Together Revelex and Campana gave AAA Ohio Auto Club members the most comprehensive and robust web-based reservation system available. Furthermore, agents are saving a substantial amount of time per booking.

    With the single sign-on capability agents can quickly shop, book and find existing bookings, spending less time with paperwork and more time servicing the customer. Revelex was able to streamline the booking process, simplifying the complicated steps required to complete a booking, and put the agents in control by allowing them to effortlessly find their client’s reservations.

Meet The Innovators

David Goodis - CEO & Founder

David Goodis started Revelex Corporation on the idea that advancements in technology can be used to make travel easier and more accessible. As CEO of the company, Goodis has used that mission to make Revelex an industry leader for travel booking solutions.

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