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Crypto to Travel

Everything is now digital to avoid close contact which has created more efficiency technologically across the board.

Apr 1, 2022

Travel itself has changed immensely over the last few years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and technology has impacted the market majorly. Everything is now digital to avoid close contact which has created more efficiency technologically across the board. Revelex Corporation is a part of that movement as they are ahead of the curve in every way possible. The team at Revelex continues to remain educated on all tech trends, and solutions to create a more applicable process for consumers. They’ve seen major shifts in how everything from boarding passes to flight information has been presented digitally. Revelex is now seeing that consumers can purchase travel through crypto before their journey even begins. This step occurs before the trip begins, this is the booking process that is crucial to get right in order to confirm the purchase.

This advancement has allowed for more revenue to be generated across the globe and greatly assists the industry overall. According to a 2021 research study by MBO Partners, 15.5 million American workers described themselves as digital nomads, a 112% increase from 2019. This term has become wildly popular within the last two years as remote technology has skyrocketed globally. This simplifies the conclusion that remote work has truly become the ultimate “norm”. Many professionals in different industries now have the time and space to travel due to having their computers at hand. This is why Revelex is ready to translate these technologies into your agency while providing the education for the professionals within your business to understand these frequencies.

Transitioning into a virtual society, consumers are ready to purchase travel arrangements in a way that has not been done before. Cruise to Crypto and Travel to Crypto are at the palm of our hands as this trending currency is taking the world by storm. This alternative payment method is creating buzz and excitement as all industries are advancing together in allowing for this to occur. Could you imagine purchasing a flight online with CryptoCurrency? Or booking a cruise to the Caribbean with CryptoCurrency? Both could be possible and easily accessible for consumers to do at their leisure. Revelex has the right tech and the solutions to bring to your agency.

As technology is, travel should be accessible to everyone which includes different payment avenues in order to do so. In order to remain modern and up to speed with everything current, agencies need to have updated and innovative technology to keep up. Revelex is proud to be a part of the excitement in understanding the true fulfillment and advancement in technology that purchasing with CryptoCurrency does for consumers. 2022 has been an innovative year in technology and CryptoCurrency is changing daily, and more companies are starting to apply this form of payment to their business model. This exciting and innovative movement is elevating the way we think about technology and the world around us. Creating more attractive technology to keep up with the evolving world is key in any agency environment. Schedule a demo with Revelex and take your business into the technology of tomorrow, today.

About Revelex Corporation

Revelex Corporation is a provider of travel technology solutions that enable vendors and agencies of all sizes to effectively market and sell leisure travel both online and offline. With a strong foundation in the leisure travel industry, Revelex offers customizable solutions to the air, car, hotel, and cruise line industries. With corporate offices in Boca Raton, Florida, its solutions are employed in locations across the globe. More information on Revelex can be found at