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Park 'N Fly

Revelex® blends expertise in travel technology and software to create a one-of-a-kind reservation engine for Park ‘N Fly®

  • Company Profile

    Park ‘N Fly® was founded in 1967 as the first off-airport parking company specifically geared towards the business traveler.  Today Park ‘N Fly® operates 16 facilities in 14 markets nationwide and act as the premier provider for off-airport parking. Additionally, Park ‘N Fly® offers a network of off-airport parking services in over 60 locations throughout the United States. Park ‘N Fly is owned by BCD Holdings N.V., a Dutch family-owned holdings company founded in 1975. For more information on BCD Holdings, visit

    Business Needs

    Park ‘N Fly® came to Revelex ® in search of a booking reservation system that would allow customers to easily reserve off-airport parking on-line.  The system would need to support an affiliate model as well as allow for various administrative functionalities.  Park ‘N Fly needed a solution that would enable the Park ‘N Fly Frequent Parker account management web-application to accept profile login credentials from Revelex systems.

  • The Revelex Solutions

    In 2010, Park ‘N Fly debuted the new Revelex powered reservation system, replacing a dated and time-consuming reservation system.  Revelex created a solution to allow Park ‘N Fly to manage affiliate inventory information and make this inventory available for consumers to book into.  Revelex also made comprehensive modifications to support profile validation for the Park ‘N Fly Frequent Parker accounts management web-application.  The new solution boasts an intuitive interface and is designed to maintain affiliates and quick access to management and administrative functionality.  The addition of the Frequent Parker validation and reservation system lets Park ‘N Fly customers shop, check availability, and use profile details toward future bookings. It gives customers more off-airport parking options, ease, and convenience, which ultimately increases customer satisfaction.

Meet The Innovators

David Goodis - CEO & Founder

David Goodis started Revelex Corporation on the idea that advancements in technology can be used to make travel easier and more accessible. As CEO of the company, Goodis has used that mission to make Revelex an industry leader for travel booking solutions.

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